Certification Program

This site is intended for Authorized Binding and Helmet Dealers and their Technicians.

Authorized Binding and Helmet Dealers

Amer Sports provides its Authorized Binding and Helmet Dealers with information contained on this website and in the Certification Kit:

  1. To help assure customers that Salomon, Atomic and Armada bindings and Salomon and Atomic helmets are properly selected, mounted, adjusted, and serviced.
  2. To serve as a risk management tool for the Authorized Dealer.


While it is not necessary for an Authorized Location to have all of its personnel certified, sales people and managers are encouraged to remain aware of Amer Sports’ certification and record keeping requirements.

  • Authorized Dealers must have at least one Certified Technician working at each Authorized Location selling, servicing or renting Salomon, Atomic or Armada bindings and/or Salomon or Atomic helmets.
  • The technician who signs the Authorized Location’s workshop or rental form for any transaction must be currently certified for the product category in question.
  • It is an Authorized Dealer’s responsibility to maintain sufficient records to identify its Certified Technicians.

Certification Fees

Authorized Dealers will be invoiced an administrative registration fee for technician certifications.

List Certified Technicians For Your Shop

If you need to know who in your shop is certified, log on and list certified technicians for your shop. This site contains the updated list.

  • Sign in as a technician.
  • Follow the link labelled "Dealer Ship-To Account Number" to obtain the full list for the account you are registered with.
  • The Quick Filter in the menu bar allows you to type a few characters to narrow the results.
  • Each entry has a link to view or download a PDF file of the certificate(s) for any certified technician.

Binding and Helmet Technicians

Only a Technician sponsored by an Authorized Dealer may be certified. Authorized Dealers can Sign In to receive a current list of their Certified Technicians.

Certification Process

To complete the technician certification process:

  1. Read the Shop Practices Manual(s) and become familiar with required shop practices.
  2. Be familiar with earlier editions of Shop Practices Manuals and Technical Updates.
  3. Be familiar with Salomon, Atomic and Armada bindings and/or Salomon and Atomic helmets through hands-on experience.
  4. Sign In and complete the Technician Certification Exam(s) and receive confirmation of your certification instantly.

Validity Period and Transfer

  • Technician certification is valid for two years (bindings) or one year (helmets) from the exam date (unless Amer Sports provides further notice).
  • Technician certification is not valid at a location that is not an Authorized Dealer.
  • Technician certification may be transferred from one Authorized Dealer to another by contacting the certification coordinator by mail or telephone.

Taking The On-line Exam

Once you have become familiar with the procedures for mounting, adjusting, and testing Salomon, Atomic and Armada bindings and/or Salomon and Atomic helmets, take the exam on-line for instant results and obtain your certificate immediately. (If for some reason you are unable to take the test on line, please contact your sales representative.) Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Sign In (or Register if this is your first time).
  2. Verify your information. As this program deals with indemnification, please be sure to provide your legal name and birth date
  3. Take the on-line exam(s)

    • Each exam is on a single page, so don't reload the page or use the "back" or "forward" functions. Doing this will likely clear your answers, requiring you to start again at the beginning.
    • Currently a score of 90% must be obtained to pass.
    • In addition, questions marked with an asterisk (*) are considered core questions and must be answered correctly.
  4. Once you pass the test, you will be shown your certificate on screen. There will be a link to download the certificate in PDF format. Any time you return to your account, you can view and download this document